London Experiences!

Bonsoir from Paris!

We just arrived from London today. What a shock haha we cant understand anyone or any signs…but after being here a few hours I think we are starting to get the hang of it. Unfortunately the weather is not great…drizzly and chilly so not the best for walking around but we decided to go ahead and manuever the metro to get to the Eiffel tower and arc de triomphe.

I was hoping to be able to include pics in these posts but my kindle wont let me load them 😦 which is part of the reason I haven’t posted yet Bc I was trying to figure it out but I gave up lol. Please refer to facebook to see pictures 🙂

Recap of London:
On Monday we walked around ALOT and saw many of the major sights. The parliament/big ben was amazing up close looking at that detailing in the architecture. Same with Westminster abbey! We are on a pretty tight budget tho so we didn’t do much that you had to pay for admission. That night we went to a sports bar to watch a soccer match calder wanted to watch and we ended up inviting a middle aged man to sit with us Bc he
was just standing there for a while looking for a place to sit. He was great and pretty drunk but he was really friendly and loved caldera because they were both fans of Tottenham spurs and even said we could stay with him and his family next time we were in England haha

Tuesday we slept late because we could not fall asleep the night before until like 5 am. Still adjusting to jet lag…also our room had no windows so it was hard to wake up. We went to get some croissants and fruit from the grocery store and went to hyde park for the morning/early afternoon where we fed ducks and calder almost got attacked by a squirrel. Surprisingly there were still som flowers blooming and green grass at the park! We saw the London bridge and st. Paul’s cathedral and even got to listen to the choir at the cathedral. That night we saw the Lion king which was AMAZING! We were both amazed by.the creativitiy of the costumes and sets! And we had aisle seats so in some of the songs the characters would go right by us.

Wednesday we slept kinda late again but wanted to make sure to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace…we were alittle late tho and there was a huge crowd which for some reason I wasn’t expecting so we didn’t see much of it. After that we spent the afternoon at the V & A museum and the natural history museum (both free). By that night we were exhausted so we just hung out in a starbucks for quite a while and then went and had a traditional British meal at a pub!

The weather forecast forparis for the whole time were here is not looking good but hopefully we can still enjoy the city! Pray for good weather for us 🙂 love to our friends and family. We miss you all!

2 thoughts on “London Experiences!

  1. We saw The Lion King in LA a few years back and also had aisle seats. It was incredible when those big animals come by you the first time and you can actually hear them singing inside. Crazy cool. 🙂

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