crazy day in Paris

So today has been the most interesting of our trip so far. We decided to spend our last day eating yummy food and exploring the montemarte district. We rode the metro to the sacre couer stop and startedthe trek up the hill to see it. We were at the base when we experienced our first scam! These guys from Kenya grabbed our hands and slipped some string around our fingers to start making a bracelet…you know lime the friendship bracelets you used to make when you were a kid. They were halfway done with it before weeven knew what was going on lol and they tried to make us believe that everyone got one before going up to sacre couer and we just went with it figuring wed just give them a couple euros when they were done. Well we gave them a 10 euro note because they said they would give us change but then they tried to say we needed to pay 10 each! We def weren’t going to pay that much fir a string bracelet so after some arguing we just left and said sorry were not giving u more.

We climbed up and saw the cathedral which is really awesome. Probably both of our favorite building in Paris. Annd montemarte is our favorite district because they have narrow cobblestone steets with all these cute cafes and art stands. We were about to find somewhere to have crepes when calder realized he didn’t have his wallet! He was sure he left it in the
room tho and that it wasn’t pickpocketed. And we had given basically all
our cash to those Kenyans so we had to go aback to the hotel to get it. But I realized some how my train pass had fallen out of my pocket and so we had to walk all the way back to our hotel since we didnthave enough cash to get another pass
We made a pitstop to see moiling rouge and then walked back to get the wallet. When we got back we didn’t see it right away and had a mini freakout until it was under some clothes. We were finally ready to go with no more stressors! So we got our crepes (which were delicious) and then decided to head towards Luxembourg gardens. Luckily the rain kinds brokeso we were able to walk around without getting wet but we then stumbled on some huge Turkish protest and got stuck in that for quite a while tying to get to the entrance of the gardens. Still don’t know what they were protesting but there were thousand of people with Turkish flags and signs!

So we defcame aqua from today with some interesting stories. Paris itself has been pretty good..definitely a little rougher than London. I think we would have had a totally different experience had it not been raining the whole time either. But overall we had a lot of fun and ate some good food! Off to Budapest tomorrow!

Hopefully u can figure out what I’m saying with all these typos because I cant go back and fix them very easily on this kindle lol. Miss you all!

One thought on “crazy day in Paris

  1. Sounds awesome, Jenna. I saw a few pics on Calder’s Face Book page. Couldn’t find any on yours. Hope you are taking gobs of them. I recognized the pyramid in front of the Louvre…did you visit Mona Lisa? Of course, I recognized the Eiffel tower. Did you get to Notre Dame? How was the hotel in Paris? Lodging, food, location? Still curious to know how Calder’s shoes are holding up. Love you. be safe, have fun!

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