So I finally slept normal hours last night without the help of a sleeping pill! Yay! Calder and our hosts, brad and Kari mullet, are watching the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game as I write this. I’m pretty tired so ill prob fall asleep haha. And tomorrow we activate our euraik pass and train to Ljubljana, Slovenia and we go through the Austrian Alps 🙂 it should be a really pretty ride!

We have had a great time in Budapest and we both say it’s our favorite stop so far. The architecture is gorgeous and the landscape is hilly and the Danube is pretty. Plus we have gotten to have a more local experience because we have participated in the Hungarian church and English lessons that our hosts provide for the locals. They have lived here for several years so they have a strong community. All the Hungarian people we have met have been very kind and funny 🙂

Monday we saw most of the major sites and my favorites were castle hill and the covered market. Also the bascillica is one of the prettiest we have been in because the interior is all colorful marble! Yesterday we went to the terror house museum which was really interesting and was about first the Nazi and then the Soviet occupation and it was invthe former police headquarters for both those parties and they used the basement of the building for torture chambers for opposers. But they did a great job of explainjngvthe history and the circumstances of the time. Then we spent the afternoon relaxingvin the Turkish mineral baths they have here! It was awesome! There were many indoor pools of all different temperatures, saunas, steamrooms, and a hot exterior pool which was fun 🙂 too bad it wasn’t snowinvthouh because that would have been even better!

Today we took a day trip to Vienna with the mullets and that was great too but was freezing outside! One more stop before the warmer weather of Rome and Barcelona! Cant wait for that!

Miss you all! See u in 2 weeks!


2 thoughts on “budapest/vienna

  1. Too bad I have to live vicariously through your journeys. I would imagine the Terror Museum was somber if not almost haunting. Be safe. Continued awesome voyage.

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