Hidden Gem that is Slovenia

Of the many places to travel in Europe, Slovenia may not be at the top of the list for most people. But only because it is relatively unknown I would guess because its amazing here!!! We have fallen in love with this country. Ljubljana was so charming. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. Its much smaller so there’s really no hustle and bustle but it has all the old architecture, narrows roads, and cobblestone streets. Since there only a couple major sights we didn’t feel so rushed to cram a bunch of stuff in. We even spent the evening climbing at an indoor rock climbing gym that calder found out about from an outdoor store we were in. My favorite thing was probably hiking up to the hilltop castle and looking out from there. It was nice because there were some areas that you could go in without paying and was surrounded by a park with hiking trails. In the summer its the type of place you could situate an outdoor patio for hours. It was really sunny and Linda warm…but not quite warm enough for that for us unfortuneately lol.
The next day we took the train into theslovenian mountains to Bohinj where we planned to ski/snowboard. We stopped for lunch inBled which was seriously lake a fairy tale! The train station was the opposite side of the lake as the city center so we walkedthenature trail around the lake to a restaurant where weateand had a famous bled cream cake for dessert which was delicious!!! We saw postcards where thecity was covered in snow andthe whole lake was frozen enoughfor people to walk to the island but obviously it has been a mild winter for them because there was no snow and there were still boats on the lake lol.

From there we took a bus to bohinj on some very winding roads aand got a little car Dick hsha luckily the scenery was beautiful with cute towns and crystal clear streams. Today was supposed to be our skiing day which sadly did not work out. The whole mountain was covered in dense fog! We decided to try for it anyway since its our only chance practically but ar only made it like less than an hour before we called it quits. You can look at pica on calder or my facebook to see how foggy it was..literally could only see about 50 ft in front of us! Luckily the ski shop was nice and didn’t charge us for the rental! So today we have been hanging out in our room which is ok with us because we could use a rest day haha plus we have free wifi in the room and satelittle Tv and just watched the Australian open! Tomorrow we get to ride the train through Italy to Rome! Hopefully we will get to see some lovely scenery 🙂 pray for clear weather because I think its supposed to rain the whole time were there too 😦 missing everyone!

2 thoughts on “Hidden Gem that is Slovenia

  1. Really like this blog, Jenna. A lady who used to work for me, and her husband took a trip through Slovenia and Croatia and the Dalmatian coast two or three years ago. Her heritage is Slovenian. She took her grandmother’s (who was born there but long dead…1979 or something) ashes and spread them in Lake Bled. I’ve never been but look at Slovenian stone farmhouses on the web and dream about buying one and fixing it up as a vacation place. Might have to look into that someday. Hope your trip through Italy is beautiful.

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