brrr in barcelona!!

Were excited to be in barcelona! Our timing was both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunately for us we made it here before a major (and rare) snowstorm hit Rome with super cold temperatures! They even closed the coliseum! Unfortunately barca has been hit with a cold front too and its in the thirties with wind. So much for being a warmer destination! But it is really sunny which is great!

Quick recap on Rome: we loved it! We saw the coliseum, the vatican museum which includes the Sistine chapel, st. Peters, the pantheon (my favorite) and the Trevi fountain. We could not find the Spanish steps tho! Nut we figured its just a huge staircase so we didn’t care to miss out on it lol. There are also tons of ruins and st ay cats and great food…my favorite so far! I would love to go back someday or maybe do an entire tour of Italy..but well see if that opportunity ever arises…so many other places I wanna go first. We did get soaked by rain one morning but other than that it stayed pretty dry. Cold, but dry! (Wishing those strangely warm Kansas winds would cone our way haha)

We are staying at a beautiful guesthouse and it almsot feels like our own apartment. The owner is an antiques collector and owns another property in Istanbul so there is beautiful furniture and accent pieces. (Which I love obviously) But we net a girl who is staying here before she moves into more permanent housing for a 6 month stint teaching English here. She is really sweet and we have a lot in common so we invited her to come explore with us today and it was so muchvfun to make a new friend! And encouragingbfor both ofbis as she is a Christian and we haven’t had too much Christian fellowship over here. We walked on la’s ramblas and went to the famous market la boqueria which was really awesome! We walked the whole length of it until we hit the harbor and then walked over to the beach. Its kind of weird to be on the beach when its cold. Both calder and I had this weird mentality that it would magically get warm once we hit sand lol. But it was still fun to see the waves and watch those dedicated surfers! We ended up wandering around and came to this more local market with a restaurant and the whole menu was in Spanish andbour waiter didn’t speak much English. And the Spanish here is actually Catalan so even what I have learner was not too helpful since I only know some Mexican/Latin American Spanish. So we had a little adventurous meal and guessed a few things off the tapas menu and it actually turned out really good and was a.really fun experience!

Tomorrow we plan to walk around the Gothic quarter and go see la sagrada familia!

Looking forward to being home soon! One thing ive learner about myself is that while I love traveling I am more of a homebody than I really thought! I miss everyone and we are both more than ready to have our own address again haha from now on ill be happy with travelling about a week at a time 🙂

Hope u all enjoyed that amazing weather we kept reading about on facebook! Too bad I think it will be gone by the time we return!

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