Welcome to our Home!

Hello! This is the post you have been waiting for! (At least I like to think so, hehe). The one where I post pictures of our new apartment! We love it 🙂 I’ll Start with our bedroom:

Sorry, my photography skills are not that great…but here is our accent wall. And Elliot, just chilling. I wanted to introduce a little color in our room this time, because our past places the only colors have been the browns in the bedding. So I bought a new pillow and we painted the wall and voila! A little splash of color without spending too much $$!

This is the other side of the room. Eventually I’d like to put a mirror in that big blank space. But for now empty and white it remains 😦 On the right side is my sewing machine! its hidden within that little table and when I want to use it I just flip it up! So handy! Hopefully I’ll be able to start my list of sewing projects I’m wanting to do this week! Also, despite our walk in closet, we still needed extra shoe storage so we had to get that over-the-door thing. Not my favorite aesthetic aspect of our room haha but oh well!

Here is a close up of the Moroccan lamp I picked up in Barcelona! Right now its only for a candle but a future project for my hubby is to make it lightbulb compatible!

This is our little “hallway” leading into our bedroom! Sorry the picture is a little blurry..the bookshelf MIGHT be getting a coat of navy blue paint in the future. We’ve got tons leftover from the fireplace wall and I was thinking it could use a little facelift. But it has held up well for costing $5 at a garage sale!

This is our dining area. I love our cross wall! Most of the crosses have a story behind them and we try to get a new one whenever we travel! Lettiann thanks for the tea set that is serving as our centerpiece right now! And the painting on the other wall was painted by my grandmother! My mom used to have it hanging in our kitchen when I was little! The door to our bathroom is over there to the left…it looks the same as it always has so I’ll skip a picture of that.

Here is one side of our kitchen. We have a brand new oven! Since the one that was in here when we got here didnt work. Still looks retro though lol. The door is to the laundry room, which I posted a picture of earlier. And if you’ve sent us a wedding announcement or a baby announcement your picture is on our fridge! 🙂

Here is the other side! I love having an open kitchen!

Our extra storage/display shelf 🙂

Here is our living room looking from our dining area! We love the fireplace and vaulted ceilings. and through that sliding door is our view of the mountains 🙂

Here is the view from another angle (and my Finny). I did an easy color scheme switch just by switching out the throw pillows from red to navy/grey. I’d like to replace that art with something else, but it’s all we have for now. I have my eye out for a big map where we can track our travels 🙂 Future project for me!

I had fun making this tray over Christmas Break! This is where it ended up 🙂 I also think it could be used for breakfast in bed! haha

Well there ya go! Hopefully you can get a general idea of our apartment from the pictures!

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” Psalm 56:3

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (One of my life verses!)

“You come near when I call on You; You say ‘Do not be afraid’.” Lamentation 3:57

When looking for these verses for my lent challenge, it is amazing how many verses I found that said “do not be afraid.” God is good! Have a great sunday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to our Home!

  1. Jenna, good job on color choices and placement. I like that everything is not matchy-matchy. The Moroccan Lamp is beautiful. Prettier hung up than in hand. How big a mirror are you hoping for, we have SEVERAL. Surely we could ship them. I’ll try to get photos of them and measurements and materials if your interested.

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