Sunday Randomness

We had a great weekend! The most social we have been since we have gotten here–making friends will do that to you! But it was filled with a good balance of new and old friends 🙂 Got to see miss Emily Weddle on friday. That was such a fun surprise to find out she was in Denver for a conference! So we perused the massive IKEA showroom and I helped her pick out some stuff for her house which was a blast for me. Can’t wait to see it all put together Em! After that, Cald and I met up with a couple we met last weekend at church for dinner and then we just hung out with them and their adorable new puppy! I wish I had a picture of him, he was so cute!



Saturday we went to Colorado Springs! Calder was meeting this guy to do a project on his truck and last minute he figured out it was in Co Springs not Denver. BUT that ended up working out perfectly because our friends the Matthews just moved there so I got to spend the day with them and their sweet family helping them paint the cabinets in their new house! It was SO much fun to spend time with them–I had missed them a lot! (they moved from Manhattan to Alabama back in August and now they are back within an hour of us!) That night we had a game night with our new small group and we played a really fun game called Ticket to Ride…anyone heard of it?

See what I mean about a good mix of old and new friends?! 

This week it’s supposed to be high 60s low 70s all week and I have to say I am SO happy for spring’s arrival! Tomorrow I’m meeting a girlfriend at Wash Park to enjoy the weather 🙂 It’s kinda like the central park of Denver…but not as big. Just the most popular park—for good reason!

Also tomorrow I have an interview! I am going to meet a guy who I’ve been emailing for a few months about a design assistant position with his company. So pray for me if you think of it! If that doesn’t work out, I am probably going to apply for a design specialist position at Pottery Barn until something better comes along. 

Sorry this post is so random and kinda play-by-play ish. I’ll go ahead and end it with a picture that fits in with the random theme as it has nothing to do with anything I’ve written about ha!


The mountain silhouette sure does make sunsets extra beautiful 🙂


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