Another Refashion!

First of all, I want to say thanks for all the congratulations and kind words I was showered with after my job announcement! Keep me in your prayers that it will work out in the long term! 🙂

Today I am going to share another refashion I did last week. It was a bit more complicated and I kinda followed a tutorial but I pretty much just had to wing it. I got a blazer at a second hand store..i think that’s what you would call it because it is previously owned clothing but it is not like a goodwill or anything. Anyway it was a little big in the body but the sleeves fit perfectly and it was pretty cheap so I wasn’t totally worried about ruining it. Lucky for me it turned out great!

Here is the before:


See how big it is in the back? The jacket has a lining so that’s where it got complicated. I had to seem rip the lining and then i took in the back seam quite a bit. Then I took in the lining so it fit in the new size of the jacket but in order for it to look finished i had to do that while it was inside-out, then turn it right side out and hand stitch the lining back onto the coat. I was pretty surprised that it actually turned out! Who knew sewing was so fun and not that hard! (Although my projects are far from professional looking) Here are the after pics:



What do you think?! I have a couple more projects up my sleeve but probably wont happen for a few weeks. Calder wants me to turn one of his pants into manpris lol for hiking so I will probably do that next. But hopefully I will show you more exciting things than that in the future! Hope everyone is enjoying March Madnes and I hope the KState doesnt mess up my bracket in the first round!! Come on State!

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy St. Paddy’s day! We are excited to have our first overnight guest this weekend 🙂 Looking forward to having you Jared!

2 thoughts on “Another Refashion!

  1. Great job, Jenna! I’m glad you know how to sew! It really is an invaluable tool! I’m not sure I would have even tackled this. I hate repairs and hemming, but do it when I have to.

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