May the Odds be Ever in your Favor…


This weekend The Hunger Games comes out!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! The books were soo good and I am hoping the movie doesn’t disappoint. We have more friends coming this weekend so they will join us in watching it Saturday night. Anyone else going to see the movie this weekend?



3 thoughts on “May the Odds be Ever in your Favor…

  1. It is soooooo hyped, Jenna and on some level, I think I should look at it. Never read the books. What did you find redeeming about them? I know so little about it. But what I’ve heard makes me want to shun it. Twice, I’ve made some reference to UFC or those other fighting games saying that I wonder what comes next? we’ll soon be paying to watch humans die. and twice, people have said that’s essentially what The Hunger Games is about?..doesn’t seem too far fetched from the Christians to the Lions…dog fighting, cock fighting…hard for me to stomach. Am I blithely unaware of some important message? .

  2. I think I’m going to read the book when we go on vacation this summer!! (because I know I’l never make the time otherwise 😉 Let me know how the movie is!!

    • You need to read the books! They are soo good and way better than the movie. But the movie was decent…just left out a lot of detail. Not unexpected though. Just be careful though…because the books may take over your vacation 😉 haha

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