Got a package in the mail!

An exciting package arrived for us this weekend!


Our Europe trip photo album!!!! It is always fun to get a photo album in the mail and get to re-live those memories and also have it on hand to look at whenever!



Throughout the trip, Calder and I saved a few little trinkets to remind us of the trip throughout the way. So we have things like ticket stubs to certain attractions, a couple pressed pennies, and we sent ourselves a post card from each destination to add to the album so I left places in the scrapbook for all those things 🙂


Here are some of the pages with the souvenirs attached!


The postcards were attached with stick-on photo corners so we can still easily take them out and read the message on the back. 


And here it is displayed for all to see!


I think it will be great to have this later in life when we have kids. I know I loved looking through my mom’s photos from her trip! If you come visit us in the future I’d love to flip through it with you 🙂

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