Cute Packaging tutorial

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend. It was so beautiful here and my family was visiting so we did so many fun things! Miss them a lot already 😦

Anyway, Dad put me in charge of Easter baskets…you know because 24 year olds still need an Easter basket 🙂 In all fairness my brother is 13 so since he is young enough we all are! But I wanted to keep them simple with just some candy and I was trying to figure out a way to consolidate the little things like jelly beans and chocolate eggs so I didn’t have to get that annoying fake grass stuff. I came across this website that has the patterned paper free to download and print and a tutorial on how to make these little pouches! They were perfect for the easter basket and they would be perfect for virtually any gift giving occasion!

First gather your materials. Any patterned paper (a thicker weight would work best), 1 sheet per pouch. Thread of a coordinating color, a needle, ribbon of a coordinating color, and whatever contents you are wanting to put inside. (if you are doing something small and loose like a handful of candy, I would also use ziploc bags to contain them)Image

Gather your contents into a bag or any other method you can come up with to contain them so they dont move around too much later when you are assembling the pouch.


Next, cut the white edges off the paper if it has any. Foldover a small part of one side (the side that will be showing) so there is a clean edge. Thenfold loosely into thirds, only creasing the bottom inch or so. To do this next step you can either hand stitch or try using your machine. The tutorial I followed uses a sewing machine but mine wouldn’t go through the paper without getting jammed so I just hand stitched, and to be honest I think I like that look better anyways!


Insert the contents and push them as close to the stitched edge as you can. Then fold into thirds again but in the opposite direction so the creased side runs perpendicular to the side you just did. Stitch closed.


Lastly, cut out the gift tag and punch a hole in one corner. Tie the ribbon around the center of the pouch and thread it through the gift tag. Write your personalized message on the tag and you are done!


Aren’t they adorable?? I absolutely love how they turned out! They were fairly easy to make as well. I can’t wait to use this idea again! 

Here it is in the basket with the rest of the treats! 





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