A Couple of Things

Life has been a lot of fun lately…well basically ever since we got here! Here’s a couple of our happenings this past week:

1. It was Easter and my family was here! We explored basically the entire front range it seemed like..we went to Red Rocks Amphitheater

Image Image


We drove out into the mountains and stopped to play in Idaho Springs, Frisco, and Breckenridge.



Easter Sunday consisted of a great sermon at church, brunch at my new fav breakfast place, Snooze AM Eatery (other than the Chef of course), and exploring Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs down south!





Don’t these look like praying hands? So beautiful (photo credit to my sis Sammy!)


And we got to recreate this photo taken about 13 years ago on a family vacation to Colorado Springs in the past (minus mommy..miss her so much!)… wish I had the original to compare. Jamie and Joey were just babies and now they are 15 and almost 14…how time flies! I’ll have to find it next time I’m home in KC.


2. Calder and I got all our snow sport equipment (lots of sales this time of year!) and are ready for next ski/snowboard season!

3. We discovered Gaylord street this week (I got my ski stuff at a consignment store on the street) and it is the best. We’re going to dinner there tonight with some friends.

4. Last night we went our for drinks with some friends, Ben & Jessica (Jess and I reconnected after working at Kanakuk together in 2009 and last week discovering we both now live in Denver! Small world!), at this rooftop bar/lounge downtown on top of the Hyatt. It boasted GREAT views and we had great conversation 🙂 This was right before sunset but it was kinda cloudy so its not the best picture.


There’s Mile High Stadium!



This week has flown by! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


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