My go-to easy meal!

As the title suggest, I’m going to share a really simple recipe that has been my go-to lately for lunches or dinners when Calder is gone playing bball or something. It is DELISH! What I’m talking about is a grilled goat cheese, apple, and honey sandwich.


All you need is bread, butter (i actually use smart balance so whatever you use as butter spread will work), apples, goat cheese, and honey! Pretty obvious. 

1. Butter the bread

2. Thinly slice the apples.

3. Arrange apples on one slice of bread. Put goat cheese crumbles on top and then drizzle with honey. Top with the other slice of bread and grill it to your liking on a skillet!


This combination is good, but when it has been warmed up its divine! The goat cheese is melty and the honey is oozy and the apples are sweet and slightly crunchy. YUM! I highly recommend you to make this for your next easy meal. I’m about to go make one right now. Enjoy!

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