Official Coloradians

Well, I guess we can be considered official now because we OWN our own ski/snowboard equipment! I guess you don’t have to own your own stuff to be an official just have to live here 6 months….but i like to think it makes us official! Check out our new gear:

Calder’s board was shipped in this pretty awesome bag that he can now use to carry it to the mountain in! Thanks!



So stylin… Calder’s board is called “the lobstah” because of this (and why he got bright red bindings):


I was able to get a pretty good deal on used stuff. I didn’t really care to get all fancy schmancy…just wanted something that would get me on the snow! But I did end up with some pretty nice boots that are super warm and as comfortable as ski boots go..



Copper Mountain, we’ll be seeing you come November! I think we might get discounted guest lift tickets with our passes (incentive for our friends to come visit us 😉 )


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