Bathroom Design

Right now I am working on a side interior design project with my friend Melissa from design school! She lives here too and since we’ve moved here Melissa and I have gotten the chance to hang out several times and grow our friendship. Her mom wants to re-do their bathrooms and Melissa so generously included me in this project! So far we’ve just started but today I was pulling some inspiration photos and I thought I’d share them 🙂

Melissa’s mom mentioned she wanted it to feel like a european spa, so I started with looking for images of actual European Spas! I love the natural elements against the bright white spaces in these photos:



Also, we were to steer clear of earth tones. I pulled a couple potential schemes from Design Seeds and these are a couple of my favorites! (ps- you should def check out design seeds if you haven’t before, it’s awesome!)



I also found some images of potential features to include. I absolutely LOVE glass mosaic tile and I think these inset shower storage cubbies are a great place to feature it:


This piece of art is actually a secret medicine cabinet…how COOL is that?! I want one! I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to DIY this with an existing mirrored medicine cabinet. If you have any ideas please share!


This image reveals the secret…


They have a very LARGE builder’s grade mirror, but it is very functional for them because at any given time there could be 3+ girls doing their makeup and hair in there. But I found these examples of how to beatify that builder’s mirror you may have in your home! Tutorial HERE.



I would love to do this mirror thing in my own home if I have a builder’s mirror in the future.

I am having a lot of fun with this project–it’s like I’m back in studio minus all the outside stressors of other classes! As the project progresses I’ll be sure to post updates! I also hope to continue to be able to do interior design related side jobs regardless of what day job I end up with, so if you have any design needs feel free to contact me! 🙂



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