Hello! You probably noticed I have a new look to my blog! What do you think? I thought it was time to liven it up a bit with some color and I’m really happy with how it turned out! I haven’t mentioned my babies kitties in a while and I know you guys are feeling deprived of their cuteness. So here is your chance to soak in their adorable-ness 🙂 

Brotherly Love:


“What are u doing mom?”


We love to watch the world go by from our balcony! (Don’t ask me why there is a bike pump sitting there..)



“Don’t leave me here this weekend! Take me with you!”


If only you (and mostly your brother) didn’t freak out on car rides Elliot…

Hopefully this can hold you over until the next dose of cuteness 😉


2 thoughts on “Cuties

  1. I like it, Jenna. Did you draw it? The traditional bent surprises me a little. Thought you might like mid-century modern or contemporary-eclectic. Inevitably, I read WAY too much into things. Like to follow your style. Understanding it provides gift ideas. Of course the cats are fun to look at too.

    • Yep I drew it! I had made a computer image with the locations of the furniture marked by boxes…that way I could get the angles right without doing all that measuring and I added in the detail by hand! But it was the “client” who decided the design style. I do like traditional but like all styles. Contemporary/transitional eclectic might be an accurate descriptor of “my style”…haha!

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