Making simple things pretty

So, this past month I decided I want to try out the make ahead of time freezer meal thing. And I learned a few things, such as don’t freeze cooked pasta and then reheat it–unless you LIKE mushy pasta. (I’m new at this clearly). SO I thought it would be a good idea to keep a log of which recipes were good and which were bad and make kind of a planner type thing to plan out the main portion of our meals a month at a time. If you do it right it can also save a lot of money! We have tons of binders laying around so I could have just used a blank one…but who wants to look at a boring binder?! I decided to get my creative juices flowing and see it I could design a good looking cover! After gathering some pretty awesome patterns from Schumacher’s website, I headed over to Photoshop to see if I could put them together/alter them into a fun binder cover! Here is what I came up with:

Hopefully this will help keep me motivated to continue this! Do you have any freezer meals suggestions for me?! I would love to hear them!

Click Here for to download the FREE printable {including the spine!}. It will take you to the Google Docs website but if you push the Print icon it should open up in Adobe Reader.


2 thoughts on “Making simple things pretty

  1. Great idea, Jenna. I’ll keep thinking. Are you looking for One-plate meals…so, protein, veg and side for one (frozen together)…or…a protein, side, veg for, say, 4…frozen separately?

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