Bathroom Design Concepts

As you may know, I have been working on a bathroom redesign project with my friend. Her mom is the client and the bathroom is her 3 daughters’. Here are some concept boards I presented at our last meeting! They are all pretty different styles, but all with a light and soothing feel. She wants it to be reminiscent of a spa (who wouldn’t want a bathroom that felt like a spa?!). Check them out!

This one would be mostly white with pops of bright color! For the board I chose tangerine and lime green, but it could be any bright colors.

This one is much softer in color palette with several feminine touches. It is the girliest of the concepts, but I really like it!

This one brings in the natural accents that are often found in a spa with a very light & neutral color scheme.

This is the direction the client decided to head towards!

Again, these are just concept board to give a general idea of what the room will look/feel like. Actual material choices may vary! I am excited to share pictures of the finished product, whenever that time may come!

Do you have a favorite?!

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