Spring on the Table!

It is spring now and it’s about time our apartment showed a hint of it! Which is why I switched out our dining table centerpiece (although I have to admit its rarely in the center of the table…)


The arrangement is emulating the wildflowers that we discovered on our anniversary trip to Breckenridge, CO last summer..before we knew we were going to eventually live in this great state!


Now that we’re so close I can’t wait to go see them in high season in a few months 🙂 For the container I used one of the vases from my Vase Makeover Post! Feel free to check it out and make your own vases! Oops, there is a stray stem in that picture! Also the angle is kinda strange…feel free to move on to more flattering photos 😉


Then go get some fake flowers from your favorite craft store for a long lasting arrangement! Hooray for Spring!


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