Back to the Little Apple!

This weekend we had the chance to go back to Manhattan, place of our alma mater and hometown of many of our friends! The occasion was my sister Sammy’s graduation from K-State! My whole family came up and we had a lunch cook out before her grad ceremony. It’s always so much fun to spend time with family, especially when it involves a backyard barbecue in beautiful weather. We also got to see a lot of friends from Calder’s fraternity and from the church we were involved in while we were there.

It was kinda weird being back. It made me feel like we still lived there! That town will always hold a special place in my heart. But Denver’s place in my heart is growing every day! Here are some pictures from the weekend!

We had fun at Sammy’s boyfriend’s house cooking out, making smores, and playing water pong! How gorgeous are my sisters?! Especially little miss graduate!

The rest of the fam is pretty good looking too 😉 Love them all!

Look at one of the newest alum of KSU!

Love this candid shot of my bro, Tommy! Such a cutie. We’re posing in front of Sammy’s sorority pretty!

 My sis and her closest friends from Tri Delt all in coordinating outfits…not sure if it was on purpose or not!

Beautiful pic of my grandma and sister!

Overall a great time with family and friends…with lots of good food 🙂 What did everyone else do this weekend??

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