Bon Appetit!

Last weekend when we were in Manhattan, my dad’s very thoughtful girlfriend gave Calder and I a housewarming gift…and it’s only the best gift I could think of! A subscription to Bon Appetit magazine, and the particular issue she gave us focuses on food AND travel…2 of my favorite things! It even had a little home decor in there too! Check out these gorgeous pages:




That last image inspired me to have some roasted veggies ASAP! So I made some last night with our salmon dinner! Of course they aren’t as beautiful as the magazine picture but they turned out pretty good for just using what I had on hand!



Yum yum love that caramelization! Also I learned a great tip!

TIP: When roasting whole garlic cloves, leave them UNPEELED. After they roast the skin easily comes off and the cloves taste amazing.

Roasted veggies are definitely one of my favorite ways to prepare them..what are some of your favorite side dishes?! Do you read food magazines to get inspired in the kitchen?


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