Wood Palette Fun!

Wood palette’s have been popping up a lot lately in DIY projects. I love their rustic characteristics. Check out these fun inspiration pictures! All images were found on Pinterest.

I love the idea of using it as a gallery space. One big frame for lots of smaller ones! The addition of the small trinkets gives it even more depth of character.

This shows how you can cut them to make shelves. I just now noticed those are picture frames in there, not books! That is definitely a creative way to display your framed pictures…although I have to say I would prefer to be able to see the whole thing. I like the idea for cookbooks in the kitchen or children’s books in a bedroom though!

This person just used the palette as is for a headboard. Love that idea. You could also paint it if you wanted. PS that antler necklace holder is pretty awesome as well. Maybe that’s what I’ll tell my husband we can use the antlers for when he finally gets his buck hunting! 😉

Now this is an idea I can really get into! I like how the heels can hang on the outside while the flats can fit easily into the slots. I can’t tell right away how they made this but I bet with some thought and careful studying of the images you could figure it out!

Here is an idea for those of you who like gardening! It is perfect for a condo or apartment space that only has a small outdoor balcony. Just make sure you get enough sun for the types of plants you use. You could also implement it into a bigger garden as well as a point of interest!

This one is similar to the first one but they kept the slats evenly spaced to create a more sectioned off display area. It goes great in this rustic kitchen and the beautiful stoneware.

Who knew one object could be so versatile?! Do you have a favorite from these images? Or do you have any other ideas of how to use wood palettes creatively? Does anyone else keep wanting to spell it “pallete” like I do?! Haha. Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Wood Palette Fun!

  1. Oh my gosh, Thank YOU! I have gotten so tired of seeing the same wheeled palette coffee table I could just scream! Awesome idea of picking them up off the flooring and trying something new.

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