Snapping Turtles, Gardens, and a Graduation

This weekend the hubster and I made the 9 hour trek back to Kansas City to join in on the graduation festivities for my sister in law, Romy. It was well worth the drive! We had a blast just relaxing and spending time with lots of family we don’t get to see very often. I got to meet Calder’s grandma for the first time even! And we saw his brother that moved to Oregon almost a year ago that we haven’t seen since last summer. It was beautiful weather and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying his parents’ gardens, eating really good food, and playing card games. I hope you all had as enjoyable a weekend as we did!

This monster kept us entertained for quite some time…

You should have seen him snap!

Romy requested an air horn so Calder is putting it to use!

My in-laws have the most gorgeous gardens!

Love this…Calder playing with his little cousin Peanut!

Climbing trees with Sofia!

Love those cuties!

Love those touches of whimsy in the gardens! Was anyone else celebrating graduations this weekend?! What a fun and busy time of year! We have this weekend off but soon we will be on the road again traveling to a couple of weddings! Lots of events to start new phases of life!

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