So Long’s Famous Bean Dip

Those of you from Manhattan, KS or any of you that have spent some time there will know what I’m talking about when I say this dip is AH-MAZE-ING! I have searched pinterest for a recipe for this yummy stuff and I am happy to say I have found one over at Sally Spins! I am so excited!! So Long Saloon is a bar/restaurant in the district of Aggieville in Manhattan. It offers great burgers, this delish dip, and my hubby’s favorite…pineapple beer.

This is the dip as it is served in the restaurant:



Here is my version:


Not quite as pretty, but it tastes just as good! Here’s what you need:

-1 onion, diced

-1 (8 oz) block of cream cheese, softened

-1/2 bottle of Archer Farms Raspberry Chipotle Grilling Sauce (the Target brand)

-1 can of black beans, drained

-Shredded Pepperjack cheese 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Caramelize the onions by cooking on medium low heat for about 20 minutes. The browner the better 🙂

Place the block of cream cheese in the bottom of an 8 x 8 baking dish.

Pour the black beans over it and mix until combined evenly, then spread over the bottom of the dish.

Pour onions on top.

Pour the Raspberry sauce over the cream cheese/bean mixture & onion.

Shred some pepper jack cheese and sprinkle a layer on top.

Place in the oven and cook for 20 mins.

Serve almost immediately to avoid the pepperjack from hardening up. I wasn’t able to serve it immediately so the cheese did harden and we had to eat around it. It was still delicious non the less! I might try making it without that cheese next time but I’m not sure how that will affect the sauce layer. If you try it let me know! Make this dip ASAP–you will not be disappointed!! It’s perfect for a Bachelorette watch party 😉

Thanks again to Sally at Sally Spins for breaking down this dip into a reproducible recipe 🙂 Next time you are in Manhattan, KS be sure to check out So Long Saloon and this famous dip!


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