Book Review- A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

I just finished reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. What an awesome read! It is light hearted and funny in a lot of parts, but also deep and thought-provoking in areas as well.

In this book, Donald is approached by some producers to create a movie out of one of his previous books (Blue Like Jazz). Once he accepts, they start the editing process. He finds it an interesting process, and through it all he learns about the aspects of a story and what makes them good. He then come to the conclusion that his life has not been a good story and he begins to take steps to make it a better one.

This book was very inspiring to me to try and live my life with meaning! I don’t want to end up wasting the precious days that God has given me. I want to live with intention to create meaningful experiences and relationships in my life that will glorify God!

All of that inspired me to think of attainable goals and seek to achieve them…which I will post that list next week so stay tuned 😉

Overall, I definitely would recommend this. It’s such a fun & easy read! I read it in about 2 days… and I already want to read it again! If you are looking for a good summer read, pick this up at your library or book store!

What about you guys? What inspires you to do more than just go through the day to day? Have a great memorial day weekend!

(this is not a sponsored post…i just really liked this book!)


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