Memorial Weekend!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours was filled with friends and disc golf mostly! (with some major apt. and car cleaning productivity mixed in..woohoo!)

Friday night we went to play disc golf…my husband’s newest obsession..with our friends Kelsey and Garrett and their dog Niko! Luckily for me, it’s fun and free!


Saturday, we played disc golf again with another set of friends at this pretty cool course up in the mountains. It was called “Ghost Town” and it was set up in an abandoned mining town! Pretty cool!

Being up in the woods in the mountains gave us a little hike along with our frisbee game! Check out the gorgeous aspens 🙂

After we were done, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Golden, CO, home of the Coors Factory (which we toured when our friends the Kellers were here). We explored the parks and spend time down by the river. I love mountain rivers…I could sit next to it and listen to the rushing water for hours. It’s one of my favorite noises.

We found this HUGE tree stump. Apparently there used to be redwoods in this area?

And my hubby showed this trout who’s boss 😉

We also went to a Barbecue last night (an essential memorial day event!) and I spent some time reading and laying by the pool…so relaxing.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?


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