Jobless to job…full?

So I may or may not have just made up the word job-full. But job-full I am! Praise the Lord! I went from 0 jobs to 3 jobs!

Job # 1: I have been working for the past couple weeks part time as an appointment setter for my friends’ business. It’s definitely challenging my comfort zone having to do a little cold calling but it’s always good to put yourself outside your comfort zone a bit, right?

Job # 2: I got a nanny job for an adorable little boy named Spencer! I start on Monday and I will be doing that 3 days a week. We will go to the park, the zoo, the pool, and all kinds of fun activities! And he has pretty cool entrepreneurial parents (one who is British and served me tea at the interview! check out my travel posts to read about my husband and I’s Europe travels earlier this year, which explains why this small factor is exciting for me 🙂 )

Job #3: Most exciting of all! I have been working a little freelance interior design and I am getting ready to launch my own business called Main Street Charm design services. Another bonus for working for entrepreneurs! Keep checking back for more info on that.. I hope to do the official launch in a week or two. For now check out the logo I designed. More to come soon!

7 thoughts on “Jobless to job…full?

  1. congratulations Jenna!!! you launching your freelance career is so exciting! if you haven’t read the book ‘creative inc.’ you should really check it out! lots of valuable information about running your creative freelance business! can’t wait to see where this takes you!

  2. GREAT logo, Jenna…absolutely evokes a simplicity of elegance and age/timelessness. Definitely homespun “uptown” vibe. Really like the concept and the graphics

  3. Congratulations on all that is happening in your “job-full” life! Love the logo, too! I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts, and look forward to future posts! Blessings to you and Calder!!

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