Wichita Wedding


I can’t believe another weekend has come and gone. Time is moving so fast!! We had a great time in Wichita this weekend. I spent most of it with my good friend, Whitney and her little one Liam! Calder was busy doing wedding stuff with the other groomsmen most of the time so I was happy to have her to hang out with 🙂 These pictures were taken right before we left this morning, so they aren’t the most attractive, but it’s all I have that documented our time together!

The wedding ceremony was really nice and the reception was in an awesome venue! Calder got a barbershop haircut that morning that he was very excited about. He looked great in his tux 😉 but the bride was gorgeous! I didn’t get too many pictures of the details but here are the pictures I did get! Enjoy!

Gorgeous HUGE doors!

The venue was attached to the church..totally unexpected! It was called The Ville.

The decorated get away car was kinda crazy…

Tomorrow I start my new nanny job! It will definitely be an adjustment to not working at all…I’m hoping I can balance everything now having 2 other jobs too. I hope you all had a fun weekend as well!


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