Life More Intentional–Summer Goals!

That’s kinda cheesy…sorry about that..haha. But after reading the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years a couple of weeks ago, I was challenged to live life more intentionally get out and enjoy making fun memories! So in light of that, the hubster and I came up with the summer goals we want to accomplish. They are mostly recreation related but there is a few other ones mixed in there. And we wanted to be realistic and make them attainable. As we complete them, I will be sure to post about them! Oh and we are saying the end of summer is the end of September…so a few months to complete them!

1. Climb (and summit) three 14er’s (mountains in Colorado that are above 14,000 feet) Calder has gotten one so far and he wants to summit all 54 of them eventually…so we are getting started! We plan on doing Gray’s and Torrey’s (kind of a 2-in-1) and Mt. Evans.

Here are the peak’s of Gray’s and Torrey’s. See how you just summit one and then cross the ridge to the other summit. Yay for 2-in-1’s! I’m sure that it is not as easy as it looks though..

And here is Mt. Evans! There won’t be that much snow on it let’s hope!

2. Try rock climbing. With ropes and harnesses. On a real rock. This one I’m SO excited for!! I have always loved climbing on stuff…trees, rocks, whatever.

3. Spend a weekend camping out! (By a mountain river hopefully!) This should be fun, I do like the outdoors but I struggle a bit with sleeping on the ground/not showering/being surrounded by mosquitoes… lol but I’m going to go for it anyway!

4. Spend a weekend backpacking. Similar to goal #3 but this one involves packing up all our stuff each day and hiking to a different campsite a few miles away. Since it’s only 2 nights it shouldn’t be too crazy 😉

5. Get at least 2 customers for my online design business Main Street Charm…there will be more to come on this in about a week! The website is almost ready and I’m excited to launch! (and I’m so excited to be working with my 1st client!)

6. Raise money to build a well in to provide clean water to a community in need. We most likely, we will go through The Water Project. By partnering with them, we can make a big impact in a community in Africa!  I’m really looking forward to looking into this more. God will work through us and in us through serving others and I believe it will not only help us grow in our individual faiths, but to grow spiritually in our marriage as we work to together for a greater cause and brainstorm fundraising ideas. I will keep you posted on our progress!

Overall, we want to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities God has provided for us and the opportunities our location offers!

If you have any goals for the summer, or even for the year, do share them!


5 thoughts on “Life More Intentional–Summer Goals!

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