How to cut a Mango + Simple Fruit Salad

I used to not be a huge fan of mangos, but lately I have come to love them. Their only downfall is that odd-shaped pit makes it so difficult to cut, especially after peeling it.


Lucky for me, and YOU (if you have the same qualms), I have discovered a new method! Thanks to my dad’s girlfriend, who is a semi-professional chef!

It is so awesome I decided to share it…and my go-to summer side: fruit salad!

First the mango.

1. Slice the mango in half, curving around parallel to the pit. Don’t peel first!

2. Repeat for the other side.

3. Score each half in a checkered pattern with a knife.

4. Invert the skin of one half so it looks like this:

5. Now just chop off each cube and you’ve got fairly evenly sized cubed with little hassle!

6. Repeat with the other half, and then slice off the slivers of fruit still attached to the top and bottom of the pit.

This fruit salad is so easy! I happened to have tons of berries on hand so I have a wide variety of fruit in this batch. But I also will make this with just strawberries and bananas mixed together. The trick is to drizzle it with honey! It makes it have that little something extra. Try it with any variety of fruit you have and pair it with your next summer meal!

I paired it with this delicious pasta dish, which also happens to be freezer-friendly for those who do once a month freezer cooking (I’m just getting into it). Recipe and more about once a month freezer cooking in a future post!


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