Summer Goals Update (#6 The Water Project)

A couple of posts ago, I shared Calder & I’s summer goals. Well…the clock’s ticking and here we are 3/4 through June!! So crazy how fast time flies…and it seems like most of our weekends are booking up fast!

I just got back from a beautiful wedding of one of my best friends this weekend (more to come later) and so now that we are done with our travel bonanza that was the past month or so, it’s time to get started on these babies!

Next weekend, we plan to conquer a 14er (Calder did a 4-in-1 peak this past weekend, but I’m not counting that unless we do it together 😉 ) but I wanted to announce the start of our fundraising efforts mentioned in goal #6! We did decide to partner with The Water Project because they are such a great organization AND we are able to have our own fundraising page where it tracks our progress to our goal, as well as shares some personal info about why we are doing this and more about the organization themselves. SO please click your way on over there by clicking on this button:

If you want, we would love to welcome you to join forces with us and donate through our page!! Any amount helps! And if you think maybe later you might want to, this button will be sitting pretty over on the side bar permanently 🙂

We have brainstormed a couple of fundraising events that I am also really excited about! Some of our ideas are:

-Host a poker tournament where half of the buy-in goes to the cause and the other part goes to the pot/provides food.

-Have a community yard sale where people donate items and the proceeds go to the cause.

-Have a volleyball tournament & barbecue with a small entry fee.

That’s all we got so far… we’ll need to get to planning these events! If you have any fun ideas, I would love to hear them! Thanks for partnering with us!!


3 thoughts on “Summer Goals Update (#6 The Water Project)

  1. I can’t believe it’s almost July, already! Pure craziness. Love your guys’ ambitious go-get’em goals! You can do it!!! We have some friends that just did a little outdoor concert fundraiser, and it was great. I’ll send my musical friends over to Colorado:-) I’m sure they won’t complain! xoxo

    • Bonnie, that’s a great idea!! Hmm.. too bad I’m the furthest from musically talented imaginable… tell your friends to come play a concert here! Haha, or maybe we can scope out a local band… the wheels are turning over here girl. Thanks!!!

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