14er #1…check!

First, sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on blog posts..hopefully this photo-filled post makes up for it 🙂

Well, we did it! This weekend we made it to the summit of a FOURTEENER! Not a huge deal for the hubs (it was his 6th one) but pretty exciting for me! It was my first!

The hike was intense. I was huffing and puffing most of the way up and I have blisters on my heels. But..when can we go again?! So fun to be at the top! We almost got blown off the mountain when we posed for the picture, and then we found a little place to sit and eat our lunch…deli turkey and cheese sandwiches never tasted so good.

There was another peak connected to Gray’s, but we (aka me) were too exhausted to try for it. Gray’s is the one on the left!

Kinda looks like Ireland, don’t you think? Well, what I think it looks like…I’ve never been…

By starting our morning at 5am.. got to see the sun come up over the mountains. So gorgeous!

Lunch break at the top!


So, now we can check off part of summer goal #1!! Follow along on our journey to complete these goals here:

Summer Goals!

Summer Goals Update–Number 6



2 thoughts on “14er #1…check!

    • Congratulations to you, too! Yes, they are kind of addicting. My husband has gotten 7 or something crazy like that. We hope to do one more before the end of Septempber!

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