Update on Card-Catalog Re-do

Hey all! First off, I apologize for being a bad blogger and neglecting my blog for the past week.  I have been busy finishing up the project for my first client for my business! SO get pumped for the official launch of that in a couple of days 🙂

For now, I wanna give you an update on a furniture makeover I have worked on with my friend Caitlin in Colorado Springs. (Speaking of Colorado Springs, I was there this weekend and the fires SEEM much better, but please continue your prayers for rain and those affected. Over 300 homes were lost and the fire is only 15% contained last I heard [whatever that means…to me a fire isn’t contained unless it’s out…but I’m no expert ;)]).

ANYWAY.. you can see the inspiration for this project at this post. This isn’t actually a card catalog, it’s more of a dresser, but it has lots of drawers like a card catalog! It will go in her kids’ bedroom and she has a daughter and infant son.

Here are some in progress pictures! We didn’t fully finish it but I’m hoping to get some pics of the finished product when it’s done!

We modge podged this fabric onto the drawers.. a semi-tedious process. But super cute idea! This could be adapted to so many different styles by using any fabric that fits your decor.

The structure of the piece was painted dark grey to coordinate with the fabric.

The top is actually paint sticks! Yay for free! Painted in different shades of blue for a lot of visual interest and texture.

Getting an idea of the finished piece! Still needs another coat of gray (side note: I am so inconsistent in the spelling of the word grey/gray… anyone else struggle with this?! haha) paint, drawer hardware, clear coats on everything, and finish trim on the top. I can’t wait to see how this piece turns out! It is so unique!

4 thoughts on “Update on Card-Catalog Re-do

    • haha thanks for the tip Rik! I have to say a prefer using “grey” but I never know if its correct or not. I will just be consistent and pretend I’m from across either pond!

      • any time. language is, after all, what i do for a living. 😉 and i don’t think you need to worry: other sources indicate that grey and gray are actually two distinct color swatches, and the graphs show that both gray and grey are still being published in both locations, so you’re fine. it’s just that one is vastly dominant over the other in each location. you’re good. 🙂

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