Cherry Creek Art Festival

Ok first off, I changed my blog background/theme again. I THINK I’m done for a while now..haha..which you all are probably thankful for. Thanks for putting up with things always shifting around…I promise to leave it be for a while. You may or may have not noticed I put a new headers at the top next to the “about me” so be sure to check it out! It highlights my business, Main Street Charm, and shows some example work as well as gives you a link over to the official website.


Yesterday, I went to a popular Denver event, the Cherry Creek Art festival! I went with my friend, Jamie, (who happens to be an amazing professional photographer..check her out here) and we had a blast checking out all the vendors. There was so much unique art there and I left feeling pretty inspired and itching to get creative (hence the new blog hehe). So enjoy this little photo story of our Saturday morning before a much needed soaking rain rolled in ๐Ÿ™‚

Jamie & I after eating $1 slices of pizza….we managed to find some pretty cheap lunch…

…especially compared to the official food tents. But they did have some pretty interesting food selection…rattlesnake bratwurst?! I would love to try that beet burger though!

Top left is art using poured resin. She pours a couple layers, paints something on it, and pours some more, which is how she achieves that depth of field. So cool!

Trying out the beautiful [and comfy!] handmade wood furniture.

This wasn’t specifically for the festival, just an interesting bench in the cherry creek area haha

And my fav pieces I saw there (I’s a tough call..):

If we can get our hands on a jigsaw, I’m pretty sure my handy hubby and I can make something similar to these! And speaking of the hubs.. I snapped a pic of this table because he wants to make one like it. He’s been [semi-obsessively] collecting bottle caps to go towards it.

And that concludes the photo story. You might even feel like you were there with the amount of pictures! Haha! As you can tell, there was any and all kinds of art/artists present. And a cool thing about this art festival is that they are artists from all over the country. I think they even have a limit of how many Denver artists can partake. So if you are an artist, you should look into getting a booth next year! Seems like a great event!

Do you enjoy going to events like these?


2 thoughts on “Cherry Creek Art Festival

    • how cool that you found my post! I really do want to try that burger…congrats on doing so well in the contest! I will see if my hubby will join me to one of those festivals because I know he would love to try one of your game meat brats ๐Ÿ™‚

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