Picnic at the Park

It was a gorgeous night the other night, so the hubs and I decided to get out of our apartment, and get some exercise and un-distracted, un-plugged time together.

Elliot wanted to come. We even had a staring contest over it. Sorry Elliot, unfortunately no tennis for kitties.

Because sometime you just need a little Chipotle in your life, we picked some up for our picnic dinner instead of prepping one of our own. PS- we are lucky enough to have this park/pond combo walking distance from our apartment!

When the sprinklers turned on, we decided we better get going before we got an unwanted shower!

And here’s where the exercise comes in. Tennis is the best… I’m horrible at it, but it’s still so fun!

We even saw some wildlife! aww Bambi!

Tonight we head off to Estes park to meet up with some Kansas friends 🙂 Anyone have fun weekend plans? Have you been on any fun but cheap [like this one] dates lately??


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