A Fun & Quick Little Project

I’m going to share a fun little project today! My good friend Sara gave me some handmade soap for a bridesmaid gift and I had no where to display it/use it because we usually just use liquid hand soap. But I’ve always loved soap dishes in bathrooms for a little fun addition. Problem is I’m not that good at shopping around..I usually like to get everything while I’m out at one store. So I was at target thinking they would have a ton to choose from (which they did just not exactly what I had in mind) but I went ahead and got a tinted glass one with a great shape! Well it sat in our bathroom like that and I just could not get over the brown color and didn’t like it, so I gave it a quick makeover! Check it out!

I had some craft paint left over from this project and this project so I decided to give it a little facelift! I painted each color 2 coats and put a coat of polyurethane on it too to keep it protected from water and give it some shine!

Here’s a little before/after shot. I almost forgot to take the before shot as you can see!



PS- the hubs handmade those coasters! Aren’t they cool? He is still going to do more clear coats though eventually. But they are so great and he is very proud of them 🙂 love that man!

Have you completed any super simple projects lately?!


4 thoughts on “A Fun & Quick Little Project

  1. very cool, Jenna. I was going to ask you from where you got the pieces of wood (coasters is a good term)? but you said so later. like them too. do you know what wood species Calder used? I think he doesn’t (sic) (I wouldn’t) want them to get too shiny. Too on which table is all placed. Looks really well patinated (in the BEST way)!

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