Estes Park!

On an unrelated note….

WooHoo! I’ve been featured on 2 awesome blogs this week! Both for our map project.

Thanks House of Hepworths and Embracing Change!
This past weekend we got to meet up with our friends from Kansas. It was so great to see them and went by way too fast. Calder tackled Long’s peak with the men & Amy…one of the toughest 14ers! He has definitely gone above and beyond on the 14ers goal for the summer…but I still need one more so he hopefully has at least one more in him! haha Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Our whole group! Love these people!

Emily and I in downtown Estes Park!

Miss Claira and I..such a cutie!

Mr. Mason!

The backyard of the house we were all staying little hiking!

The view from our deck. So gorgeous!

Love this girl!

The hubby’s hike up. Looks so intense!

Summit Shot!

Couldn’t leave the mountains without spending some time relaxing by a mountain stream of course! One of my favorite mountain past times.

I can’t believe already another weekend is approaching! Hope you all have had a great week…any fun weekend plans?!

7 thoughts on “Estes Park!

  1. Estes Park is one of my favorite places in Colorado! I hope you got to try their homemade taffy 🙂 I miss living in Colorado and I love seeing you explore the wonderful state!!! When you have a weekend, you and Calder need to drive to Ouray or Glenwood Springs to enjoy the hot springs!

  2. I did try one small piece of taffy because my friend bought some..i didn’t know they were famous for it though! And I didn’t know you lived in Colorado! When was that? We will keep those destinations in mind for sure..maybe when it cools down a bit in the fall 🙂 remind me again!

  3. This makes me really really jealous. Adam and I spend 2 summers there, and it was such a huge part of the growth I experienced in my faith. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. Great to see ya’ll had a good time, the Lord can really make some sweet sunsets out there…we lived right below longs peak, amazing place!

    • That’s awesome Conner! I would like to spend longer than a quick weekend there sometime soon for sure. So much to see and do in this state and not enough time! haha I hope you are well!

  4. Hey congrats on those blog features! That’s great! And thanks for posting those fun pics of our time together. It was so fun to see you and Calder and hopefully we’ll get to hang out again soon!

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