Recent Happenings

This past weekend:

Day trip to Estes Park area (again) for some relaxation and fishing and hammock napping!


Went to the farmer’s market with Spencer (the little guy I nanny) and sampled the BEST cantaloupe I’ve ever tasted. Proceeded to buy one and eat the entire thing for lunch. PS- I loveee farmer’s markets with all the colorful produce, food trucks, and fun merchandise to look at!

Throughout July:

Made an offer on a house and anxiously and stressfully waiting to see if we get it or if it falls through and daydreaming about decorating and home projects. So far, the offer has been accepted, the inspection has happened and price renegotiated, and now we are waiting for the appraisal and loan paperwork. If all goes well we’ll be homeowners in a more urban area in about 2 months!

This weekend my parents-and-sister-in-law will be here. Looking forward to a great weekend with family! I cant believe it’s almost august already! Where did the summer go!?



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