Anniversary Camping

Our camping weekend was a much better success than our attempt last year I must say. If only we didn’t get rained out early, it would have been perfect. We didn’t get to roast hot dogs over a campfire, but since it had already rained and the clouds were looming Saturday morning…i decided to have smores with my breakfast burrito…ya know, in case rain prevented a campfire later 😉 AND that happened…so I’m so glad I did! Nothing beats smores when camping in my book. Here’s a little picture recap of the weekend:

we had a preetttty awesome campsite, not gonna lie.

just a few steps away from this. Can’t beat sleeping to the sound of a mountain stream!

My husband is the fire master. The fire he built survived a ten minute downpour!

Mmm. Campfire cuisine 🙂

There was quite the temperature shift during the day…

Perfect hiking attire. Socks and flip flops. Hottie alert!

Overall a great weekend. And we got to sleep in our own bed saturday night–so the rained out early thing wasn’t all bad 🙂

Anyone have any favorite anniversary memories?!

Oh! This also checks off one of our summer goals! woohoo! We’re not on track to check off everything, but it’s been a fun summer anyway!

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