Vintage Chair Find

So last weekend, we stumbled upon this awesome chair. It’s vintage…and by vintage I mean stuffed with horsehair vintage. It’s pretty worn on the seat, but it has great character. I hope to recover it sometime in the near future..which will be a challenge but I think I can do it haha. Check it out (and my cute Finny!)

Our current side chair is too big to fit in our new living room for the space and when I saw this on the side of the road I knew it was gonna be perfect. We got it for a steal of a price and it will still fit in our living room. We didn’t want to only have the couch alone as seating. I can’t wait to see how it looks in the new place!

This is what I mean by vintage. Look at this construction! Love it.

Recovered or not, it’s a great piece…especially for the price! It’s going to fit right in with our rustic modern vibe I think.

What do you think!? Have you ever recovered a tufted chair?

3 thoughts on “Vintage Chair Find

  1. Hey, Jenna great blog.

    Awesome chair, very cool find. Recovering a tufted chair can be a bit tricky, especially with something that old, sometimes they tend to kinda fall apart after you take the fabric off of them.

    I’ve started a small business in KC buying, re-furbishing, and selling old furniture like this, it’s a lot of fun! Good luck with this chair! hope it turns out well.


  2. Wow! LOVE that chair. In the meantime maybe you can just drape a nice patterned throw over it if you intend for people to sit on it!

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