3 Summits

Wow, is it really already Friday? Where did this week go?! We have been busy truckin’ away at painting and Calder is staying busy with exposing that beauty of a brick wall. I will say, he won that battle…we will leave it the red that it is because it’s absolutely imperfectly gorgeous! But it will be a LONG job…and don’t you worry, there will be updates. Here is a little teaser…

BUT I am not here to post about the house just yet. I want to share about our camping trip last weekend! It was SO fun 🙂 Did I ever think I’d become a girl that enjoys sleeping in a tent? I love being outside but not so much the tent sleeping, not showering part. I will say I’m being slowly converted by my outdoorsman of a husband and I’m thankful for it! We had awesome weather and enjoyed the company of great friends and the beauty of the changing aspens trees. The are such a vibrant yellow, it’s gorgeous!

The pictures just don’t do them justice.

Enjoying a little campfire cooking on a frosty morning.

Gorgeous river valley where the boys spent the day fishing, while we….

climbed THREE 14ers! Woo check that off the summer goals list! It was a long day of climbing, but so rewarding. And now my count is up to 4! There also may or may not have been some miscommunication with the guys which caused them to have to hitch hike back to town haha. Good thing it was a life long goal of Calder’s to hitch hike! He can die happy now…

Looking down at Kite Lake, where we started.

Almost to the summit…snow on top!

Celebrating with food and football in Breck. We even got to watch K-State!

It was a wonderful “last hoorah” in the mountains before the house happened. This weekend will be the major move..not quite as much fun so I’m glad we were able to get out one last time before ski season.

Anyone do anything fun last weekend or have exciting plans this weekend? Or just relaxing with some football? (The hubs has officially turned me into a football fan too. He and Friday Night Lights. ha)

Be sure to keep checking in to see the progress we make on our house! If you’d like to stay updated via Twitter or Facebook, click the corresponding buttons on the right sidebar!

2 thoughts on “3 Summits

    • The summits are connected by a ridge, so you do most of the climbing for the first one, then you make your way up and down (but not too much elevation change) the ridges to get to the other ones!

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