Easy Hummus Recipe

Hummus is seriously the best. And it’s about the easiest thing in the world to make and very customizable to your taste preferences. Is there anyone who couldn’t agree to that? There are lots of varieties to choose from, and I have to say I love them all! This recipe is for roasted red pepper hummus, but can easily be transformed into any flavor with some easy add-ins or leaving out the peppers! Here is my recipe that I have been tweaking since college.

Here’s your cast of characters:

Throw all these babies in a food processor…


And done!

Here’s the written out recipe:


1 can chickpeas

1/4 c lemon juice

1/4 c olive oil

2 large cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp (ish) cumin

2 tsp paprika

1-2 tsp chili powder

1-2 tsp tahini (optional)

about 1 cup roasted red peppers, roughly chopped (you can buy them in a jar or roast one yourself) (optional)

OR another option is replace the red peppers with sun dried tomatoes


Blend it all in a food processor and adjust spices to your liking. Enjoy!

Anyone have a different favorite hummus recipe?

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