In the Midst of the Chaos…

I managed to get up a little touch of fall!

We are still totally unorganized and in boxes, but when I unpacked one box this was inside. We just had to figure a way to hang it since we have a window on our front door with trim that sticks out. Luckily the previous owner left drapes in the living room (which we aren’t going to use) but the hardware was the perfect solution!We used one of the curved pieces and painted it the color of the front door (the paint was left here thankfully!) and the hubs drilled it into the trim piece.

I first picked up a yard of burlap and used a strip to tie it on… but it did not turn out very well. It was unraveling and looked pretty messy. But this weekend I was browsing a fabric and craft store on the main street near our house (new fav store btw!) and found the perfect ribbon at just $1 a yard. So I picked up a couple yards to replace the burlap and now it looks great and much more finished!

And here is the hanging mechanism in action!

Ready for many more seasonal decorations 🙂 I love fall and I’m happy to have a little touch of it even in this chaotic living situation we’re in right now. Have you decorated for fall? What is your favorite season to decorate for?

PS-we’re officially out of the apartment finally! Hooray! Stay tuned for a new moving announcement design.

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