Small Space Storage Solutions

We love our new house. It’s old enough to have tons of character, and it’s also old enough to not have much storage space. We’ve got 2 bedrooms and each with a small closet–so we keep our clothes in separate rooms. Until last week, all we could do with them was hang clothes in them. But my handy dandy hubby built us some shelves and now they are much more efficient! Yay for storage and handy husbands 🙂


Now I have a pants shelf and a shoe shelf! And so does Cald. I also bought these handy underbed drawers from The Container Store, aka my new favorite store. These are so nice since u don’t have to pull out the whole thing to open it.

We’re getting closer to being completely unpacked! We will definitely have a few more trips to The Container Store in order to get completely organized, and of course lots of projects to work on. We mostly worked on small things and unpacking this past weekend so not too much to report. Any one else have to get creative with storage solutions?


2 thoughts on “Small Space Storage Solutions

  1. Good work you two!:-) We’ll be in the same boat soon too! A house with a lot of character and charm and unique storage areas. It’s a fun challenge. I have a feeling shelves and dual-purpose (aesthetic-storage) furniture are going to be a lifesaver. Less storage space means less “stuff” though. I’m kind of a fan of that! xoxo

    • Thank Bonnie! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with yours 🙂 It’s def a fun challenge and I agree, the less “stuff” is good…although we seem to manage to use every nook and cranny haha.

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