Brick Update

Last I shared, we had made a little discovery in our brick wall. Well we uncovered more of it to discover it’s not an old doorway or window, but the back of a built in bookshelf in our neighbors unit. A bookshelf that was put in unstructurally sound (hence the falling bricks) and makes our shared wall not fire-rated.

We don’t know when it was put in or who put it in, but since we’ve discovered it we are going to fix it. Thankfully I think the owner of the other unit is going to chip in as well (we think). And even though we got some great ideas from you guys about how to disguise this thing, now we don’t have to worry about it! Woohoo! It’s going to just get torn out and filled back in. So stay tuned because after hiring this part out, we’ll get this project done faster than expected. I can’t wait to post after pictures!



3 thoughts on “Brick Update

  1. Oh, the fun discoveries when renovating a home! Hope all turns out like you envision it to look when the project is complete. Love your blog!! Hope all is well!!

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