House Tour!

So our house is FINALLY acceptable enough to give you a house tour! As long as we keep the door to the second bedroom closed that is…

YIKES! Moving on..let’s get started on the photo tour!

Living Room:

Still to come: new pillow covers, a rug, curtains, art on the walls and who knows what else…

Looking down the hall:

You can see a peek at our newly filled and not-yet-cured brick. I will be posting a more detailed post about it later this week!


All we’ve done in here so far is some organization and storage projects and paint a very light bluish white color. Some days I love the color and some I don’t but it’s going to stay for a while at least! And we plan to eventually make a new headboard, get a new dresser, get new bedding and possible curtains, and I’d love to put runner rugs on either side of the bed..and maybe it’ll get a new color at that point too 🙂


We both love this room as-is so we probably won’t ever do anything to it except maybe clean the grout. And I did see a colored claw foot tub on Pinterest which was pretty cool…but we’ve already got lots on our list so that probably won’t be happening.


We haven’t done anything in here yet. I’m dying to get rid of that brown but I haven’t gotten around to picking what color to paint the kitchen. I can’t figure out what won’t clash with that BRIGHT blue backsplash that isn’t grey. We have enough grey already and I’d love to do it a light sage green but I haven’t tested it next to the backsplash yet. Suggestions welcome! (The backsplash will hopefully be out of here sometime next year…and possibly the counter tops too! We’ve also tossed around the idea of new door and drawer fronts on the cabinets in a shaker style but that’s not for sure..)

Dining room:

The curtains came with the house and are fine for now but will likely be changed. We also are going to build a new slightly narrower table so it will fit better and get new chairs or refinish/reupholster these. I’m not sure if we’ll paint or not, but we’ll definitely hang some art.

Downstairs (aka project area):

Clearly another disaster zone! Once this area and the 2nd bedroom are cleared out, you know I’ll share how they turn out too!

So there it is! And since it was finally cleaned and project chaos was consolidated to the basement and 2nd bedroom, we were able to host our first dinner party!

The hubs acting out his word in a game our friends introduced to us..super fun!

And a creative dessert…Nitro Stout float! Best stout beer made better by ice cream!

2 thoughts on “House Tour!

  1. Really like it Jenna. You’ve done a great job in such a short time. The kitchen looks great…cabinets look great…bright white, clean, modern.

    This would be tedious but affordable. How about silver leafing the back splash? If you were careful to apply the adhesive to just each tile, you would save the grout…or adhere it too…protect with clear coat…probably cost $25-$30. Or spray prime and spray paint…any color and clear coat. Since it’s above the sink, it shouldn’t get too much wear; it certainly won’t get the tough treatment it would behind the stove.

    The float looks really good too. Not a fan of stout but I imagine it’s excellent with some ice cream.

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