Yet Another Brick Wall Update

So the brick guys came last week and we got to say goodbye to that bookcase! Yay! It was a two day process and after day 1 it looked like this:

They ripped out the bookcase, filled the neighbors’ side with cinder blocks and replastered their side.

This plastic barrier wall made it pretty difficult to get to our bedroom so we camped out in the kitchen!

And day two we came home to our side filled and some of the gaps in the part we already uncovered filled with mortar and the debris and dust cleaned as best they could!

The brick and mortar are still wet and we’re hoping once it dries it will look much more like the old brick in the living room. Calder is going to uncover a couple more feet and we decided to leave it as a jagged edge for now…with the intent to finish uncovering it after a few months..or a year.. 🙂 But that will give us the chance to have a break from the dust and be able to fill the rest of the gaps with mortar and clear coat it.

What do you think? I’m so glad we just got the area filled and didn’t have to try and disguise the back of that bookcase! We both are in love with the results! Other brick updates here & here.

PS- These Halloween kitties want to wish you a happy Halloween!!

As you can tell they are thrilled with the sweaters 😉

And I carved a cat pumpkin of course (far right).

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I’m hoping for lots of trick-or-treaters at our door!

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