Exploring Denver!

Since moving here, we have made a conscious effort to get out and enjoy our new city and state and this weekend we were about to do just that! Being a tourist in your own city is something I highly recommend 🙂

Saturday it was me and a girlfriend of mine exploring some new areas I hadn’t been to before and some she hadn’t. After getting our nails did (shellac manis are THE BEST!) and seeing her new little niece, we had lunch in a new favorite restaurant near my office, Steuben’s, and then walked around the large and gorgeous city park! And it was free museum night so we explored the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. And today Calder and I went on a Sunday drive and got to go to this local ice cream place behind our house I’ve been dying to get to…yum!

doesn’t this island remind you of Dr. Seuss’s the Lorax?!

this statue tested my civil rights history knowledge..and I’m proud to say I passed! 🙂

actual size animal exhibits at the museum..really cool!


Hope you all had as good of weekend as we did 🙂 And be sure to vote if you haven’t already!!


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