Finishing Touches and Thrifty Finds.

This weekend we got around to finishing a project we’ve had the supplies for for the past several weeks. Where our wood floors meet the kitchen and bathroom flooring WERE rough unfinished edges. Now we have clean(er) looking wood transitions. It turned out to be SLIGHTLY more complex than it probably is in other situations due to the uneven-ness of our house in general and the fact that the quarter round on our existing baseboards are 1″ and that no longer exists as a standard. But with some shims and caulk, we were able to make the 3/4″ round work!

We picked the stain color from memory and I’d say we did pretty good! The stain is Zar brand in Amber Varnish. Calder still will disguise those nail heads a little better and I’ll try to clean up that caulk job with my handy tool: fingernails 🙂

In addition to this little project, we did a little Sunday thrifting! I am discovering each time that I’m not a very good thrift shopper. I don’t have the patience. Calder is much better at it. BUT I was able to score some good stuff..mostly Christmas related!! Here’s a peek at a couple of things:

A tacky Christmas sweater may also have been purchased..

Any small projects completed or thrifty finds happening in your neck of the woods?


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