Finished Brick!

Well, we finished it! The ongoing project we started literally the day we closed on the house is done! At least the altered plan for it is ūüėČ

Originally we wanted to do the entire wall, but after being tired of mess and realizing how much work it was we decided making a jagged edge about halfway down was a good compromise.

This photo is clearly pre-paint, but we finished the paint to the edge of the brick using the same gray as the rest of the house (Gentle Rain by Behr). After the bookcase area was filled, we just had to expose a couple more feet and then fill some gaps with mortar. The mortar part was easier than I thought. We just bought a 20-lb bucket of it at Home Depot and mixed it with water and white paint so it would be lighter and not stick out form the old mortar so much. To apply it, we did it frosting piping style by putting it in a freezer bag and cutting off one of the corners and from there squeezing it into the gaps.

In these photos you can see where we mortared but it ended up drying light enough that you can barely tell the difference, thankfully!

We were going to clear coat it until we realized the brick just sucked it right up and it did nothing to trap in the dust (which is why we wanted to coat it in the first place).

With the brick done, we finally could hang up our map! Which spurred us to hang a few other things as well.

I got this cute wire hanger thing from Pick Your Plum for just $5! I can’t wait to hang christmas cards here over the next few weeks.¬†One step closer to being settled!




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